​​"providing the finest formal art training for gifted and talented
children, teens, and adults since 1988"


​​Don't let budget woes and curricular issues affect the quality of your talented child's art education!

​Now in our 29th year, the ArtQuest School of Art & Design remains committed to offering the very finest formal art training to gifted and talented children, teens, and adults.  Working in small groups, students expand artistic proficiency through fun, yet intense sessions with local professional artists, college art major interns, and ArtQuest trained instructors.  REAL skills are developed, essential for personal growth, learning, and self-esteem.
​We believe that art is more than a recreational diversion.
​​​Developmental arts education is the single most important factor in assimilating cultural literacy, an awareness which will pay lifelong dividends.  Visual art enhances communication skills by stimulating the right side of the brain, firing creative syapses.  Our program, designed for exceptionally gifted children, addresses both creative and quantitive potential by utilizing existing visual maxims in learning to draw accurately - a "left brained" pursuit - then encouraging individual "right brained" aesthetic choice as to the presentation of this information.  THIS is the classic paradigm upon which traditional artistic values are built.  Simply put:  you have to learn the rules before you can break them.   Children with an artistic gift deserve such an approach if they are to ever maximize their creative potential.​​

We believe that mediocrity is worse than failure. 

We teach children that patience is indeed a necessary virtue in the creative process.  They are encouraged to take their time and do their best work.   A work of art is not a perfunctory task, it requires it's own time, it's done when it's done.  Instant gratification is a syndrome that plagues us all; our society has indoctrinated us in the quick and easy.  At the ArtQuest School we give that gentle push to inspire children to work a little harder, to strive for excellence.
Gregory Graham Grant and his ArtQuest School received a special commendation from Florida Governor Lawton Chiles in 1996 for excellence in developmental arts education.  The school has served thousands since 1988 through local, regional, and international outreach programs, and provides altruistic services, instruction, and assistance to deserving agencies and individuals.