Gregory Graham Grant is delighted to conduct workshops, demonstrations, and lectures for your group.  Presentations may be tailored for specific interests and can range from one hour to several days.

The artist is available for international travel certain times of the year.  For scheduling
logistics, call (386) 871-9906, or email:

The ArtQuest School can send instructors
to your facility for specialty instruction designed for any age group.  This can be in a one-time workshop format, or in ongoing daily or weekly sessions in four to six-week increments.  We specialize in foundational drawing, acrylic painting, and color and creative design courses for children. For adults, we offer drawing and oil painting for beginners through advanced with emphasis on representational styles.

Omani Gentleman by Gregory Graham Grant, Pastel 16"x20"

Jim Bob by Gregory Graham Grant, Oil 20"x24"

State House at Eldora by Gregory Graham Grant, Oil, 18"x24"

Ali by Gregory Graham Grant, Charcoal, 16"x20"

Greg and his wife Karen offer a unique workshop entitled Art  & Horses.  This program focuses on equine arts and craft projects to celebrate the beauty of horses, and allows participants to spend time in the field with real horses (non-riding). Proper haltering and leading, grooming routines, safety procedures, and games with humans and horses are just some of the activites sure to delight families, individuals, and groups. Click here for more information:

A Series of Drawing Workshops & Demonstrations
For Portrait and Figure Artists of All Levels

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