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Greg Grant, Instructor 

Drawing is the foundational building block for all forms of visual interpretation.  If you wish to
become a better artist, then you must hone those drawing skills!  This class will help students
learn to "see" as they practice drawing interesting subjects in a representational manner from
photos and from direct observation.  Techniques in charcoal and pastel are emphasized.
Subject matter may include still life, landscape, portrait/figure, animals, architechure/perspective,
etc., depending on level of student.  Graphite, pen and ink/watercolor instruction available for
advanced students upon request.  Personalized instruction, (not a class "follow along" unless 
it is a special demonstration or lecture). 
Beginner through advanced levels, limited to 7 students per class.


Greg Grant, Instructor

Students work in various representational styles as they learn to consider many important cognates
applied to painting: utilizing drawing and observational skills, craftsmanship, color theory and paint
mixing, materials and methods, composition, the understanding of light and form, and finally, the
creative thought process.  Students are taught traditional methods with new non-toxic oil paint and
solvent.  This is the real thing, not a "magic TV method, or paint along craft."  For serious artists,
intermediate to advanced, drawing required as a prerequisite. Limited to 6 students per class.













Weekend workshops: 
The Artquest School offers a varied and diverse curriculum using professional artists for workshops, lectures and presentations, and weekly classes. This curriculum changes from season to season due to the availability of instructors and latitude afforded by their travel and exhibition schedule. Locations for Artquest programs also can be diverse.  Check this site often; new offerings are posted as details and logistics allow.

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Adult Classes, Winter/Spring 2016

Adult students
and their work

Gregory Graham Grant   "State House at Eldora"  
oil on canvas 18"x24"

Gregory Graham Grant   "Ingonyama"  
oil on canvas 11"x14"

Gregory Graham Grant   "Sanibel Tides"
oil on canvas 24"x30"

Gregory Graham Grant   "Good Read"  
oil on canvas 11"x14

Gregory Graham Grant   "Ali" 
charcoal, 16"x20"

Gregory Graham Grant   "Jim Bob Tinsley"  
oil on canvas 18"x24"

Gregory Graham Grant   "Omani Gentleman"  
pastel on matboard 16"x20"

Gregory Graham Grant   "Bryant Ladies"  
oil on canvas 30"x40"

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