Artquest Policy for Adult Classes

(Please print and sign 2 copies, keep one and submit one to Artquest)

Supplies available at Southern Paint at a 20% discount to Artquest students, or list is available from Artquest upon request. No substitutions on supplies without permission from instructor. Must have supplies on first day of class.

Seats must be reserved with paid tuition. No verbal reservations accepted. For ongoing attendance, tuition must be prepaid by the last class in each month in order for the student to be guaranteed a seat in the following month. Failure to do so will result in loss of seat to another student due to high demand for limited number of seats. In months with 5 weeks, 5th week is optional at a pro-rated weekly cost.  This "5th week" of instruction will be held at the discretion of the instructor. No refunds, credit or pro-rating for missed classes. Make-up days available on a "space available" basis only and must be arranged in advance with instructor. All make-up work must be completed within the particular semester that the absence occured, i.e. Fall (Sept.-Dec.), Winter/Spring (Jan.-May) and may not be carried over to the next. CHECKS PAYABLE TO GREG GRANT.   Canceled check is receipt. $20 fee for returned checks.
Cancellations for workshops must be made at least one week (7 days) prior to the start date of the workshop in order to receive a refund.  Requests for refunds made 6 days or less before the start date of the workshop cannot be honored. 

Supplies and artwork left at ArtQuest for 6 months or longer unattended will become the property of the school. Only current students are permitted to store supplies and artwork at the school. All supplies and artwork must be properly labled with the student's name.

Hours are by appointment only . Please do not "drop by" for any reason. If it is necessary to come to the studio any time other than your scheduled class, call Greg Grant at 871-9906. Students are not allowed on ArtQuest property more than 10 minutes early and are expected to be cleaned up and ready to leave when class time is up. Please do not make it a habit to be late to ArtQuest classes. Always try to call 24 hours in advance (or as soon as possible) if you plan to or have to miss class. Friends or curious parties not enrolled in class MAY NOT "sit in" or audit class.

Disclaimer: Students assume all risks and agree to hold the Artquest School of Art &
Design.and Gregory Graham Grant/Karen D. Grant harmless for any and all liabilities.

I have read, understand, and agree to the terms of this policy.


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